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Posted by on Jul 16, 2013 in Technology | 1 comment

Specification and Application of Tri-Band 3G Technology

Specification and Application of Tri-Band 3G Technology

The amazing launch of 3G technology startled the globe! Work on the Third Generation of Mobile Telecommunication Technology started in the 1980s and its successful commercial launch was made possible only after two decades of the laborious work. The year 2001 proved to be very fortunate in this regard. Since its inception in the local market, it has changed the life-style of tens of millions of consumers round the globe. It brought with itself a variety of astonishing features, some of which are still least understood and the public are ambiguous about them. Once you are thoroughly aware of its qualities and the minute details, you can make the best of its miscellaneous aspects including price evaluation, availability in the market and functioning of the device. In order to be an out-and-out expert in the complete usage of this 3G technology, the most critical information is in focus here.


Major Issues

The primary issue which is often observed among the consumers and users of the 3G device is that of the heavy charges associated with procurement of their service licenses and the 3G service agreements for the provision of various wireless services like internet access, mobile TV and video calls, etc. Moreover, the purchasing cost of the 3G mobile phone devices is continuously increasing. This is because of the increase in its demand which is, in turn, the result of the worldwide public awareness of the wonderful and advanced features of the technology, particularly, in terms of the remote and instant wireless connectivity and enhanced rate of data transfer. At present, a number of telecommunication companies are sustaining a significant amount of debt which is the cause of an alarming challenge for these organizations on their way to the building of necessary infrastructural facilities for the promotion of this third generation mobile technology. Moreover, there are various disagreements among different companies authorized to sell the licenses.

There is also a possibility that the newly established local, national or international operators of the 3G phone services who are already facing crucial financial challenges are further forced into adversity when the member state is reluctant to support them. It has also been observed that the second generation mobile telecommunication users are accustomed to using old 2G technology and are, consequently, very hesitant to opt for the innovative features of 3G devices. As a result, buy-in capacity falls short of expected potential. Another inadequacy is the sharp variation of 3G prices among different nations of the world, i.e. the retail price may be very high in some states while influencing the wireless internet accessibility in the same way. Moreover, several inadequacies are found among consumers regarding prerequisite skills involving the operation and utility of 3G data and voice services provided by the wireless device.



3G technology is one of the most exquisite products of post-modern technological era which reached its climax during the preceding years. Though there is an ensuing advent of 4th generation of mobile phone telecommunication technology, 3G has not lost a bit of its value and demand. It is more commonly known as the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System or UMTS which emerged as further innovation in the second generation or 2G mobile technology. Its most appealing feature is the prompt and speedy wireless accessibility to any kind of data and information to the users round the clock and throughout the world.

The term “3G” is usually perceived as a generic name for the host of mobile phone telecommunication technology. These cellular devices constitute the latest category of mobile communication technology. The famous Japanese mobile phone operating company, NTT DoCoMo, Inc. ranks first in the commercial inception of this technology in 2001. The primary goal of 3G phone was to serve a multipurpose device with an exceptional ability of internet browsing, songs download, watching online movies and other social videos. It also enabled the remote dwelling individuals to view and share their pictures and other files with one another.

Peculiar Advantages

In addition to all the benefits that your current handset carries, the third generation cellular technology is furnished with a variety of unique and advanced functions. This time, internet accessibility, efficiency and the rate of data transfer is witnessed higher than ever before. The quality of entertainment features, like music and video playing, is the best. Moreover, you need not wait for the establishment of connectivity; it is instant! Its communicative utilities, like audio & video calling, are also easier and much enhanced. In short, when individuals or groups are in contact with one another, they can enjoy smooth, clear and fast communication experience.

Network Access

Either you are using mobile phone or any other stationary device provided with 3G technology, the amazingly high information and other data transfer speed can be visualized from the fact that, at its full capacity, it reaches up to 2 Mbps (i.e. 2 Mega bits per second). The accessibility is also much faster. Another unique feature of 3G mobile phones is the increased networking potential. In old technologies, users mostly complained of excessive noise problem. This time, you can enjoy a noise free and clear sound quality and high definition (HD) video experience.

Owing to its highly enhanced data transfer rate, the internet service operators are able to provide their customers with high speed internet connection, a host of multimedia utilities and efficient conversation volumes. The price level of these cellular devices usually fluctuates mostly depending on their individual features and service providing companies. However, the bit rate may vary from place to place and even from state or situation to situation, like when you are in travelling in an automobile, you should expect slower speed.

The future of third generation wireless mobile telephone technology is promising because of their greater potential than predecessor 2G technology devices. Professional workers are making laborious efforts to exploit their further uses in the near future.

The modern technologies like Time Division Multiple Access or TDMA and Code Division Multiple Access are used in 3G cellular phone devices. Video conference calling, mobile television and the modern global positioning system are exclusively featured in these 3G devices. Anyhow, the supreme quality of the third generation technology is that of its high bit transfer rate. Unfortunately, this particular feature is not being utilized at its full capacity because of certain diplomatic issues. Actually, the International Telecommunication Union or the ITU-200 has not yet reached a conclusion regarding the establishment of standard data transfer rate for stationary and mobile internet users. It is expected to be decided in the near future. Most probability, the stationary users of internet are to be provided with fixed data transfer rate of 2 mega bits per second, while the mobile internet users are expected to receive 348 kilo bits per second. The ITU, an agency of the United Nations, is authorized to sell different rates of frequency to various national or international firms so that the broadband technologies could be put into use. The network operators have become the trusted means of data transfer for their consumers because the network is authenticated before it is launched and starts its proper working. Among various radio technologies, the major five ones are supported by 3G technology. That is why the third generation technology is said to be highly flexible. The five major radio technologies are said to be operating under three famous channel access methods which include Frequency Division Multiple Access,Time Division Multiple Access and Code Division Multiple Access. These are abbreviated as FDMA, TDMA and CDMA respectively. In CDMA, there is the application of International Mobile Telecommunications-Direct Spread (IMT-DS) and IMT-Multi Carrier. IMT-Single Carrier and IMT-Time Code are applied in TDMA. Anyhow, the IMT-Frequency Code is the only radio interface that is used in FDMA. Various compromising agreements among the industrial giants have proved to be fruitful for the common man because access to 3G technology has become economically affordable. Such agreements were made to promote the adaptation of third generation technology among the consumers worldwide. In its working, the 3G mobile telecommunications technology shows compatibility with predecessor second generation or 2G technology. Another feature of the 3G technology is that is can be expanded in its capacity and variety of working according to requirements. The primary goal of the introduction of 3G technology into market is to promote coverage and expansion while maintaining the investment at minimum level.

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