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Posted by on Mar 9, 2016 in 9th Class English Notes | 5 comments

Daffodils Short Questions – 9th Class English Notes


Easiest 9th Class English Notes – Daffodils Short Questions

Here are the best and shortest answers to Daffodils short questions. Sublime English Guide Series is a series of easiest to learn and to-the-point notes for grade 9, 10, 11, 12 and other classes. Having already earned great appreciation from teachers, students, syllabus designers and examiners alike, the use of these notes can help you score maximum marks in the board exams. The 9th class English notes and 10th class English notes cover all aspects of the syllabus, including short questions, MCQs, grammar, pairs of words, paragraphs, essays, reading comprehension, translation, past papers, model papers, and everything else that the students need.

As a part of 9th class English notes series, here are extremely easy and precise answers to Daffodils short questions both from the exercise and the in-text boxes.

Answers to Daffodils Short Questions

  1. 2: What do the daffodils represent in the poem?

Answer: The daffodils represent the beauty of nature in the poem.

  1. 3: What “wealth” do memories of the scene give to the poet?

Answer: The memories of the scene give the poet the wealth of happiness.

  1. 4: List the words that heighten the sound effect in the poem.

Answer: The words like fluttering, dancing and tossing heighten the sound effect in the poem.

  1. 5: How has the poet heighted the impact of the poem by using the figurative language?

Answer: The poet uses similes and metaphors to heighten the impact of the poem.

In-Text Boxes:

  1. 1: How do you compare the daffodils with the stars?

Answer: Daffodils are countless like stars. They also twinkle like stars.

  1. 2: How does the poet feel in the company of daffodils?

Answer: The poet feels very happy in the company of daffodils.

About the Author:

The writer of 9th class English notes and 10th class English notes (Muhammad Ishaq) is an M. Phil Scholar and Secondary School Educator at New Millat High School, Mumtazabad, Multan. He has earned many distinctions as a student, teacher, English language instructor, debater, prolific content writer, and academic and linguistic researcher. He makes use of his years long experience in various domains to produce something creative and comprehensive.


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