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Posted by on Jul 6, 2013 in Fashion | 13 comments

Advantages of Fashion

Advantages of Fashion

Virtually, every abstract or physical entity in this world has some pros and cons. The same is the case with fashion. In the over-civilized postmodern era of 21 century, if, on one hand, it has become an unavoidable necessity of life, on the other hand, it involves a number of inconveniences and troubles that you cannot escape. Though “survival of the fittest” still holds true, “survival of the fairest” is justifiable on many grounds. Here you will be provided with many logical arguments concerning the obvious or hidden advantages of fashion.

Advantages of Fashion:

Owing to a number of appealing benefits of fashion, it has become an integral part of everybody’s life. You can’t just go without it. Why? Just read on.

  1. Keep Pace with Your Age: This is an age of intense competition where everyone has to take part. Whatever liking or disliking you may be having, never forget to adopt the vogue of the day. Fashion is not limited to beautification or personal grooming;it encompasses whatever the majority of the people are doing around you that can be related to education, travelling or a particular way of behaving. For instance, you can say, “There is a fashion of learning English throughout the globe”.
  2. An Inspiring Personality: One of the greatest advantages of fashion is the development of your personality. The people, in your company, get impressed by you and follow you as a model. On the other hand, if your ways and manners are outdated, folks will neither like you nor enjoy your company.
  3. Beautification: This is what people call the primary goal of fashion and limit the broader term to just one of its types, i.e. personal grooming. For humans, beauty is what attracts the most and becomes a piece of permanent joy as the Poet of Love (John Keats) said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.
  4. A Sign of Status: Fashion is not just the name of putting successive layers of makeup on your face; it is a symbol of your status in the society as well. It is a thing of common observation that elite class excel in the field of fashion, and the lower class either do not give heed to it, or just restrict it to only some special occasions.
  5. It Makes You Stay Confident: When you follow the prevailing trends in society, there is developed boldness in your personality while interacting with others. Fashionable people are usually outspoken and are a step ahead in the field of socialization. On the other hand, the lack of fashion makes you timidand shy which is a dangerous thing as it suppresses your potential and snubs the power of initiative.
  6. Inner Delight: When you become confident and do bold things in the society, you experience a sense of great inner delight. This is the fruit of your effort that you put in adopting and maintaining fashion. It also makes your mood fresh as you can see that the fashionable people always seem to be happy with a pleasant smile on their face.
  7. Fashion Brings Energy and Activity in Your Life: Confidence, freshness and inner delight, which are the products of fashion,bring you out of the world of lethargy and make you active, fit and energetic. This is, perhaps, the best way to forget the pain and step into the world of pleasure and mesmerizing joy.
  8. Fashion to Inspire Passion for Fashion in Others: With your love and pursuit for fashion, you can also inspire passion for fashion in others. Here you can take example of models who display and promote new fashions among the masses. Seeing a model wearing a new type of costume triggers the desire in others to do the same. In this way a fashion, for example in dressing, becomes popular.
  9. Fashion as a Profession: Once you have a special taste for fashion, you can use it earn your living. In other words, you can translate your passion for fashion into a successful and prosperous profession. The field of fashion has a wide scope and a really very bright future for the aspirants. For example, as a professional, you can invent new styles of clothing, dressing, shoes and jewelry, and earn a handsome living.
  10. Fashion as a Source of Change: Fashion is not necessarily related to just dressing, makeup, shoes and jewelry. In fact, fashion is anything new that affects one’s style of living. Therefore, you can use it as a potential and effective source to bring a great social change. For example, if a prime minister of a country sets the example of personal accountability, the officials at high posts will be inspired to follow the same. Soon, it will become a popular trend or fashion.

This was only a brief description of a large number of advantages of fashion that might have benefitted you a great deal. To sum up, whatever the family background, profession, caste or religion you have, you cannot deny the great value and the necessity of fashion in your life.

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